An investigation of the mechanics behind Howard Dean's infamous scream. Reported by Galen Druke for FiveThirtyEight and On The Media.

An audio documentary examining President Obama's "A More Perfect Union" speech and the events that led to it. Lead produced by Galen Druke for FiveThirtyEight.

A feature on independent algorithmic trading. Reported by Galen Druke for WNYC's New Tech City.

A four-part series on affordability and the arts in New York City from the perspective of professional artists. Produced and reported by Galen Druke for WNYC.

A personal essay on losing my mother by Galen Druke for CBC's Love Me.

Women at a Brooklyn nail salon discuss the prospect of the United States' first woman president. Reported by Galen Druke for the University of Cambridge's ELECTION.

An interview with Republican National Committeewoman for Washington, DC Jill Homan. Hosted by Galen Druke for Wisconsin Public Radio.